Christian songs background music free download

28.09.2021 By Cedric Edwards

christian songs background music free download

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  • Corporate Love Folk Ambient Inspiring. Solo Reflections - Instrumental Version. Religious Sad Happy Ambient Cinematic. Somebody - Instrumental Version. First Sign of Life.

    Soft Acoustic Love. Inspiring Religious Cinematic Ambient Love. Awake and See. Relaxing Ambient Corporate Classical Serious. First Breathe. Inspiring Cinematic Happy Relaxing Ambient. Christiam Love Relaxing Sad Epic.

    Spiritual Music Royalty Free Background Download MP3

    Hope For A Better World. Religious Corporate Inspiring Happy Playful. Prairie Blossoms. I've Carried You This Far. Inspiring Ambient Relaxing Classical Love. Take My Life - Instrumental Version. Religious Playful Inspiring Love Electronic. Love Happy Inspiring Epic Ambient.

    It's an Illusion. It's An Illusion Light Mix. Corporate Harmony. Prairie Flowers. Emotional inspiring sentimental track. Consists of piano, orchestral strings, flute, soft drums. Good music for spiritual projects, eternal love, images of happiness, charity, mercy and grace, family and children. Spiritual sensual music in ethnic style is good for for yoga, spa, mindfulness, meditation, relaxing, chillout, spiritual, zen, yoga massage, video etc.

    Dark, cold cinematic, and suspenseful orchestral music with an ominous choir. A combination of romantic piano theme and scary choir and horrifying FX create a very dark and chilling atmosphere with a sense of fear. Perfect for thrilling video games, spine-tingling documentaries mystery scenes, and crime detective dramas. Heroic loop with a choir, trumpet, piano and violin.

    This determined background music suitable for Memorial day, spiritual videos, historic films, documentaries about Old Empires, civil war battlefields, and more. A subtle, atmospheric and hypnotic drone pad. Perfect for a meditative background and video projects related to space, time, meditation, healing, nature, mystery and spirituality.

    Christian Background Royalty-Free Music - Storyblocks

    Soothing acoustic guitar overlaid with beautiful flowing strings creates soft, caring and relaxing melody designed for conveying a sense of peace, luxury and elegance. The melody is slightly rustic, downloda at country fields or glorious chrietian. This is an ethereal peaceful ambient music full of spiritual mood and angelic atmosphere.

    Great for meditation and prayer, paradise and heaven scenes, dawn and sunrise, pastoral landscapes and nature. An ambient, nostalgic msic dreamy ambiance created from the electric organ. In the style of Twin Peaks soundtrack. Slow and soulful, this track will mhsic great for the church, temple or cathedral scenes, religious based visuals, spiritual mood, easter, solemn service, prayer, etc.

    Traditional Chinese including Xiao flute, Pamade Bell, Yangqin and background vocals backed with zonal harmonic washes creates a relaxing, yet slightly mysterious oriental background theme, designed for relaxation, spiritual healing and to convey a sense of Asian lifestyle.

    A deeply soothing, tranquil, and meditative track. Featuring harp, oboe, and synth pads. Ideal for meditation, relaxation, rest, spa treatment, Reiki healing, nature, and aerial yoga. Delicate and inspired track, in classical style.

    Featuring the sound of ringing bells, strings, violin solo, flute. This background music could be used as spiritual or religious music transferring peace and hope alive. Mellow and warm uplifting opening and welcome background music with a beautiful flute like analog synth melody over modern organic arpeggiator patterns of different harmonics and light instrumentation of acoustic guitars, piano, warm background vocals along with strings and tasteful airy percussion.

    Pop, easy listening instrumental with a sensual, laid back melody played by an acoustic guitar. Kusic for educational videos, countryside landscapes, simple living, sweet romance and spiritual journey. Chill out track with a sacred spiritual ambiance and world ethnic instrumentation. Synths are playing bass and pad.

    This track is great for meditation video tutorials, yoga session or sunset timelapse.

    Utilize unlimited asset downloads in all your business projects. Broadcasting Audio search results for "Christian Background "Royalty-Free Music. Close. Clear Filters. Media Type. All. Music. Sound Effects. Moods. Angry. Dark. Epic. Happy. Inspiring. "christian background "Music (60 . Royalty Free Christian Music is music that has been written to express either personal or a communal belief regarding Christian life and faith. Common themes of Christian music include praise, worship, penitence, and lament, and its forms vary widely across the world. Like other forms of music the creation, performance, significance, and even. This beautiful background music is great for meditating music, deep relaxation, spiritual visuals, nature landscape videos, etc. Download MP3 Heavenly Light by DPmusic This one is a celestial royalty-free ambient track with warm sound and a contemplative mood.

    This is an inspiring soft and beautiful emotional music track. This music has a wonderfully uplifting and hopeful mood. Perfectly use it for documentary videos, programs, tv shows, presentations, promo videos, cinematic videos, and many sons Spiritual relaxing piano melody overlaid with acoustic guitar creating a pleasant spiritual melody suitable for tranquil relaxing end uses.

    Atmospheric synth effect add a spacious feel to the track which combines nicely with the piano chords.

    ROYALTY FREE CHRISTIAN MUSIC DOWNLOADS – Add background music to Christian web sites

    Very useful for spa, massage or health therapy use to help people to chill out and relax. Dreamy and contemplative background ethnic track, featuring hypnotic flute melody, deep pads and relaxing percussion groove that create a peaceful and inspirational mood.

    Mysticism and spirituality in this majestic track, with rich classical instrumentation, male choirs and soloist female voice. This is a heartwarming instrumental christian. A soothing free guitar riff plays slowly and softly over a quiet piano background. Music and relaxed, the music creates a lively, easy-going atmosphere that's perfect for scenes about home or family, such as when songs visits their parents' house after a long time away and download welcomed with open arms and hugs.

    It's also great for relaxing scenes involving love, friendship, and contentment. Twisted horror piece with disturbing reversed vocals and spiritual voices that give the sense of souls being trapped or desperately wanting to be set free. Note: These were not real childrens voices.

    A relaxed Indian chill out music featuring a real Bansuri bamboo flute.

    Royalty Free Christian Music

    Perfect for spa centre commercials, yoga practice, travel vlogs, ethnic in-store music, soothing relaxation, spirituality and a sense of being connected with inner nature. Floating Reeds is relaxing ambient music with airy pads with soft textures.

    christian songs background music free download

    This meditation music is suitable for any relaxing, therapy-healing video projects. Cinematic background music with catchy emotive soundline. This beautiful pop ethnic track flavoured with acoustic guitar and woodblock percussions is great for spiritual, mystery musix. A melancholic and dramatic piece of Japanese world music featuring ethnic instruments like shakuhachi bamboo flute, koto, tanpura and taiko drums.

    Royalty free Spiritual music

    Perfect for movies, video games and any project dealing with Karate, Japan and Japanese history. Breezy world ethnic chill out track is good for the spiritual practice of yoga, zen, meditation, mindfulness, reiki healing massage music, relaxation, and spa. It's a dreamy music track that creates a magical fantasy mood. Marvelous and transparent atmospheric music with a splendid and delighted feeling of high space and freedom.

    Nice background for advertising, nature videos, drone videos, real estate, inspiring speeches, travel and adventure videos, product promo, or many more. A beautiful, heartfelt and emotional world-music composition that combines traditional elements from different cultures, featuring authentic instruments like harp, duduk, and oud.

    These sounds will fill your project with peace and harmony! This meditation music is good for any relaxing, meditation therapy healing video projects. Are you a webmaster looking for coding, tools and resources? Would you like to add some free background music to your website? See here for html code for free mp3 music players that will make your site come alive.

    Listen to beautiful contemporary christian praise and worship music across our website for more songs and you can email us to request permission for use. Web masters add submit your reciprocal site link url here.

    Royalty free background music for your web site and blog. Easy to use html coding for background music clips. How to add mp3 music players to myspace and xanga. Add free contemporary christian praise & worship music to your website. Audio background music mp3 html. Religious Background Music Free Download. Royalty free Religious Music Free Download mp3. Religious free copyright music includes Christian, Islamic and other religions music where you can hear choral and orchestra creating great spiritual music that inspires the soul. Free use in all projects and media. Use for commercial purpose (monetization) Only tracks with symbol require attribution. This beautiful background music is great for meditating music, deep relaxation, spiritual visuals, nature landscape videos, etc. Download MP3 Heavenly Light by DPmusic This one is a celestial royalty-free ambient track with warm sound and a contemplative mood.

    Please note: this is NOT a license for anyone to do whatever they want with this music. The terms are straightforward - you may freely use the players we have created in the context of any web based application, website, blog etc OR you must contact us christiqn request permission for any other use. We consider each application on its own merits.

    We are usually happy to grant royalty free non-paying use of our music for any charitable non-profit project, but please ask first! Contact Us. Some of these songs make backgdound choruses for Sunday morning worship, and for this purpose permission is given to make copies of this music for distribution to your local church musicians.